[How high is the static of dried apricots?

]_Nutrition value_Efficacy

[How high is the static of dried apricots?

]_Nutrition value_Efficacy

Dried apricots are a very popular food. I believe that everyone likes to eat them. The taste is very comfortable, with unique flavors, and can be eaten by men, women, and children. There are many benefits to eating some dried apricots.Cellulose and protein, those who have constipation can usually eat more dried apricots, which has a good therapeutic effect, so is the conversion of dried apricots high?

Moisture of dried apricots: Many people worry about eating some food more than the conversion and trace content of the food, because most people will eat less or diet in order to maintain a better figure.

Dried apricots are a kind of candied fruit snacks that are very common in life. Its sweet and sour taste has attracted many people’s taste buds.

What about the degeneration of this food?

The content of dried apricots is about 330 kcal per 100 grams of dried apricots. It has low cholesterol, low sodium salt, low saturated molecular weight, and replaces potassium, so zinc is good for weight loss.

Will you get fat if you eat too much dried apricots?

Because in the process of drying apricots, as long as the sugar in the apricots is not lost, only the evaporation of water, as long as there is sugar, there must be volume, and of course it will gain weight.

But don’t worry too much, because the sugar content of apricots is not very high. Compared with Xinjiang’s raisins, dried peaches and the like are still lower, and dried apricots contain some organic acids and the like.

Method for making dried apricots 1. Selection of raw materials: Choose varieties with large fruit type, thick flesh, off-core, sweet taste, less water, less fiber, strong aroma, and orange flesh color.

The fruit should be fully mature, and the fruit with reduced maturity and rotten fruit shall be eliminated, and the fruit shall be classified according to the size of the fruit.

2. Cleaning: Wash the fruit in a bamboo basket with water.

3. Slicing: Use a stainless steel knife to cut into two halves along the fruit line, cut the surface neatly and smoothly, and dig out the core (if making dried apricots with whole core and core, you don’t need to cut to remove the core).

After cutting in half, divide the apricot slices on the sieve tray with the cutting surface facing up, and do not overlap.

4. Sulphur fumigation: spray the fruit surface with brine (the ratio of salt to water is 1:33) before sulphur fumigation to prevent discoloration and save sulphur, send the sieve tray containing the apricot fruit slices into the sulphur fumigation room (box),For 3-4 hours of sulfur fumigation, the ratio of sulfur consumption to fresh fruit is 3: 1000.

The sulphur-smoked apricot fruit slices should be filled with fruit juice in the core. Such dried semi-finished products can maintain a bright orange-red or golden-yellow color.

5, dry: one is natural drying, put the sulphur-cured fruits on bamboo sticks or in the sun field, and expose them to the sun, when dried to 50% to 70%, it will be dried to an overlap of 16-18%.

The drying rate is about 5: 1.

The other is artificial drying. The smoked apricots are placed on a baking tray and sent to the drying room.

The initial temperature of the drying room is 50-55 ° C and the final temperature is 70-80 ° C. After 10-12 hours, it can be dried to the required conversion.

6. Softening: Put the dried product back into the wooden box and soften it for 3-4 days, so that the moisture inside and outside is balanced.

7, packaging: graded according to the quality of the finished product.

After picking out poor color, insufficient dryness and broken fruit pieces, you can pack.